Github account sharing

Continuing the discussion from [How to use docker curl instead of docker exec?]
Would you please give me your github to share my file there?

Who would you like to share your code with? If you don’t share the context, people will not understand what discussion you are trying to continue and the person you would like to share your code with might not even read this topic without mentioning that person like @username

I leave the link here, but I don’t see the point of having an other topic.

Please add more details why do you think this topic was necessary.

OK can I share it with you? @rimelek

Did I create another topic? I did not want to. Can you delete that? And I do not find your Github account! @rimelek

Please, don’t share it with me, because I don’t have time recently to check codes privately.

No, but I will close it.

But hard to believe you didn’t notice that you have created an other topic since you mentioned the topic name you wanted to continue :slight_smile: No problem. Please, add your comments to the original topic if they are related to that topic.