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Has anyone gotten IPVLAN to work on Azure?

(Chadwillman) #1

Expected behavior

With Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS and Docker 18.03 with experimental features enabled, I expect to be able to run Docker containers on an IPVLAN network instead of the Docker bridge. This works fine on AWS, VMware, etc., but not on Azure.

Actual behavior

Depends on the version of Ubuntu Server VM I create, but 16.04 kernel panics (known ipvlan module bug), 17.10 fails to make the virtual interface connection to eth0, etc. I can find no combination of OS distribution, Linux kernel and Docker that supports IPVLAN on Azure.

Additional Information

On AWS, for example, Ubuntu 16.04 with Linux kernel 4.4.0-1049 and any recent version of Docker works fine. I can create an IPVLAN network which is connected to eth0, load and run a container on it and have a separate public IP address attached to the container. It all works as documented on line.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Create a VM on Azure (Resource Manager only), based on some Ubuntu Server flavor
  2. Install Docker CE 18.03 and enable experimental features to get ipvlan network support
  3. modprobe the ipvlan module
  4. Docker network create -d ipvlan (see on line Docker pages covering this)
  5. Load any Docker container on the ipvlan network (it will panic, hang or fail, depending on the
    combination of software versions you’re running.

Just looking for anyone with actual successful experience doing this on Azure.
Any help is appreciated.


Chad Willman