Hash Literal Incomplete When Building Website Image (Setting AppPool Identity)


I’m not sure if this is the right area for this question/issue, but I’m trying to create a Docker image to include a website. The appPool gets created, but when trying to assign a user to that appPool, I get this…

The userName is in domain\user format while the password does contain some special characters (#, !).

I’m almost certain it’s some type of syntax issue that Docker doesn’t like. I run a container from my starter image and I’m able to run all of my current IIS-related commands in that container, including the one shown above.

Docker build doesn’t like something about it!

Any help appreciated!!

Shouldn’t you use powershell command like this?

powershell -Command 'Set-ItemProperty ...'

The parse error indicates that the “:” character is invalid. According to the screenshot it is not interpreted by powershell but command line (cmd)

I will certainly try that. I am by no means an expert with, brand new to the syntax ‘liked’ by Docker.

I am not talking about Docker, only the good old PowerShell :slight_smile:

I think I may just pump a powershell script into the image and execute instead of fighting with all of the powershell commands through a docker file.