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Have Windows Containers talk to Linux Containers


OK - I need to get Windows containers to communicate with Linux Containers and visa versa on a Windows 10 host. I already tried the early LinuxKit-supported Docker alpha with the latest Windows insider build, but running our Linux payloads on top of LinuxKit was not stable and wouldn’t even start for some of them.

So for now, we’re stuck with trying to have Windows and Linux payloads communicate with eachother, within a single host. I’ve tried setting up a Docker Swarm to no avail, and tried out various --network configurations to make them reach eachother. The weird thing is that a Linux container (MobyLinux Hyper-V) can ping a Windows container (Hyper-V) just fine, but not the other way around?

Even if it would be an extremely dirty or manual set up, how can I make the containers communicate. I.e, I run nginx as a Linux container on port 9000, and now I want to switch back to Windows containers, run a windowsservercore instance, and get “Invoke-WebRequest http://???:9000” to work inside of it.

Any ideas?

(Liliankasem) #2

Hello, did you figure this out? Currently running into the same issue :slight_smile: