Having multiple instance of the same container calling other instances of another container type

I state that I’m quite new to docker (I’ve always almost used them, but not created them from scratch as I need to do now), so please excuse me if some questions sound n00b to you.

I’ve created a container with my Node.js application and it correctly connects to an SQLServer instance to retrieve the data. This container exposes a TCP port, 3001, and I’ve named the container n1 for simplicity.

I’m creating now an apache container with my AngularJS application that needs to communicate with the Nodejs one.

I’ve got in the AngularJS application a parameter inside the configuration where I tell the URL of the nodeJS instance. When it was running it was something as https://backend.intranet

How could I tell Docker/Kubernetes to resolve my backends NodeJs container via “backend.intranet” so that I can avoid taking care of which node it’s called?

As the same for the AngularJS, is there a way I could have http://myapp.intranet…" to be forwarded to 1…n nodes of Angular’s container?

Thanks in advance