Having trouble running Some /etc/init.d shell scripts


I am trying trying to run celery worker as a background daemon and the script has the following code.

# Names of nodes to start
#   most people will only start one node:
#   but you can also start multiple and configure settings
#   for each in CELERYD_OPTS
#CELERYD_NODES="worker1 worker2 worker3"
#   alternatively, you can specify the number of nodes to start:

# Absolute or relative path to the 'celery' command:

# App instance to use
# comment out this line if you don't use an app
# or fully qualified:

# Where to chdir at start.

# Extra command-line arguments to the worker
CELERYD_OPTS="--time-limit=300 --concurrency=4"
# Configure node-specific settings by appending node name to arguments:
#CELERYD_OPTS="--time-limit=300 -c 8 -c:worker2 4 -c:worker3 2 -Ofair:worker1"

# Set logging level to DEBUG

# %n will be replaced with the first part of the nodename.

# Workers should run as an unprivileged user.
#   You need to create this user manually (or you can choose
#   a user/group combination that already exists (e.g., nobody).

# If enabled pid and log directories will be created if missing,
# and owned by the userid/group configured.

This file exists in both /etc/init.d/ and /etc/alternatives. When I try to do /etc/init.d/celeryd start I get
bash: /etc/init.d/celeryd: Permission denied. I think this is because I try to run these processed with celery as a user and not root? What have I done wrong? Can anyone help me thanks.

Processes are not really ment to be run “in the background” on docker.
But its possible to run multiple processes with fx. Supervisor, see my previous post on this subject https://forums.docker.com/t/centos-7-systemd/54791/4