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Help get JDK 1.0 working in Docker?

(Andrew Pennebaker) #1

For purely academic purposes, I’m trying to get the classic Sun JDK 1.0.2 working again (in Docker!). I’ve gotten old JDKs working before, from 1.5 down to 1.1, but 1.0.2 keeps segfaulting no matter how I try to configure my Docker image. Any tips?

Libc incompatibilities: when will they emerge?
(Jeff Anderson) #2

I am intrigued by this sort of project. The 1.0.2 JDK is 19 years old. Does that JDK even work on a modern docker-supporting linux kernel at all (let alone within docker?)

(Andrew Pennebaker) #3

Fixed it!

The solution was to dockerize Debian Hamm and install Debian Bo packages for JDK 1.0.