Help please, how do I map a container service that binds ports to to a host IP?

my containers application is hard-coded to bind ports to The services on these ports I want to be reachable on the local network. The application works if I set network_mode: host, however I have other containers running in host mode that are mapped to unique host subinterface IPs. When this container starts it tries to bind ports to which creates a port conflict with other containers. Is there a way to essentially map this containers binds to a host subinterface IP? Bridge networking isn’t a good option since this container application allows users to configure new port binds so the ports that this application binds to is dynamic.
I’ve tried something like, but that will crush the network since it will build a bridge for all 65535 ports. Which is why host networking makes the most sense. I just need to somehow map the applications use of to on the host network.