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Help to update Pi-hole on Docker Mac

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is staying well and safe.

Trying to update pi-hole on docker on Mac OS.

I understand I shouldn’t run pihole -up or pihole -r

Ive read this:

There is one thing im not sure on-

" * If you care about your data (logs/customisations), make sure you have it volume-mapped or it will be deleted in this step."

How do I do this? I would like to keep all logs/customisations and lists etc. Is backing up my lists a separate action to logs/customisations?

I can follow the instructions but im not sure how I should volume map the data,

Apologies if I sound stupid but this I’ve only very recently dived into docker for the first time when it came to running pi-hole. I am not experienced with code or this type of stuff but am trying to learn.

Hope someone can advise as I think this is a simple one.

Many thanks!

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?