Help with Container network management

This is a part of our network setup Screenshot 2023 12 21 172018 — Postimages .
The machine where docker is running is on a Debian v11.2 and these are are the 2 NIC’s and there ip’s we gave them : Screenshot 2023 12 21 174752 — Postimages .
This the intern network that we give to the containers:
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The question that we have is that we want to be able to send traffic to 1 nic instead of both and we also want to be able to give a virtual ip so that we can access each machine on a different ip and port.

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So this is to reask the question of my last topic but this time without links so you guys could understand it with getting “doxed”.
This was that topic:

So the setup goes as followed:
Docker is connected with 2 NICs that each have there own vlan managed by pfsense.
The first NIC is connected to vlan 25 and the other to 30
so then the network adress is and

Also within Docker we have an network that is to connect the containers with each other. Now, we use zabbix and also medusa web.

Zabbix has multiple containers like its database, agent, server and its own webinterface and those run on the backend network and the frontend network so the server and the webinterface are frontend and everything together is in the backend network.

Now the question we have is how do you direct the traffic to 1 NIC and give each container an virtual ip to go to?
If people are willing to make a call or sowe can arange so that you could understand what setup we have and/or you could help us.

Why would you create a new topic reacting to your other topic instead of posting in the original? Not to mention the general topic title which doesn’t help to understand the issue. I merged the two topics, but it’s too late for me to answer or think about network related questions, sorry.