Help with Docker for Jottacloud Synology


I’m trying to follow the instructions here:
Because I want to setup my Jottacloud to backup my Synology NAS, but I’m struggling because I have no experience with this and I think I’m doing it wrong because nothing is happening.

On volume settings I have this:

With a folder in volume1 called Docker → JottaCloud → 1x folder: “config” & 1x folder: “backup”.

But then when the instruction says to add a volume:

-v /your/config/path/:/config \
-v /your/backup/path1/:/backup/path1 \

I’m not sure how I should do that part, and it’s also unclear what is meant by path1/:/backup why the “:” between path1 and backup and how will creating a line like that, backup my homes folder for example, if I were to swap it ti:
-v/volume1/docker/jottacloud/backup/homes/:/backup/homes\ when my homes folder is located under /volume1/homes?

It’s confusing to me so if someone could help me with this, that would be great! Then I can move from iDrive to Jottacloud.


I would say you did it correctly, according to the screenshot.

Regarding the “:” thing, the first “/your/config/path/” is where on your host/nas you want files to be stored. The “/config” is which folder it is mapped to, into the container.
So it would say its the same mappings you made in the gui (screenshot)

The way you explain it, it sounds like it would make a backup of my NAS files, on my NAS? I want it to go to the jottacloud. Or are those program files of the jottacloud docker app?

The container itself cant see your files, you need to map the folders you want/need into the container.
So my guess is that you need to change “/your/backup/path1/” to a folder you want to backup and map it to: /backup/path1 :slight_smile:

What does that mean exactly?
If I have a folder on Volume1/homes which I want to backup, do I need to move those files to the docker/jottacloud/backup folder

Or do I need to map the current: /volume1/docker/jottacloud/backup folder to sit in the /volume1/homes folder so that it looks like: "volume1/homes/jottacloud/backup and then have it set to folder “volume1/homes/backup” in the mount path?

No, like:


But it looks like, in your screenshot you’re not able to change that part?

I can, when I add folder, I can choose a folder, then write /backup/path1 after I’ve added it. But what is supposed to go in “Path1”? Is it again, “/Volume1/homes” or literally path1?

The Synology Docker UI only shows shares and it’s subfolders. It doesn’t show the full path to the share though.
Full path is needed for docker run, docker-compose or when deploying the containers/compose files thru Portainer.

@nathanhorn: the Syno UI makes it cumbersom to create containers AND does not support all features of Docker. You might want to take a look at Portainer (there are hundreds of blog posts about how to set it up).

How will that help? Will it make the instructions more straightforward to understand? Because I’ve never sent a command to my synology via command prompt, that’s the level of “incompetence” we are talking here when it comes to my experience with this kind of stuff.

I just mentioned it because it’s the favored way to manage containers on Syno by many Synology users.

Just ignore my suggestion then :D.