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Help with post-tutorial steps to create image

I’m new to Docker, and I just went through the tutorial/labs here:

I understand what it can do, but not how to continue beyond what is in the tutorial.

I’m interested in using Docker to deploy an application to a cloud based virtual machine. I’m not interested in the modular nature of Docker right now, I would like to deploy my application as a single unit to avoid setting up the virtual machine each time. I currently combine ‘cloud-init’ and shell scripts to automate the setup. After the application use is done, the VM gets deleted while waiting for the next job.

I want:

Django Daphne (WebSocket server)
certbot (for TLS certificate)
Python >= 3.7.3

I see that there are Python images, and nginx images, etc. but I will never (in the foreseeable future) use them independently…I’ll focus on that later. I would like nginx to bind to 80 and 443 so the user doesn’t need to worry about ports when connecting.

I saw this post:

As far as scalability is concerned, the app will be deployed to a virtual machine of appropriate size. If more CPUs are needed, just delete and run on a new VM. The idea is to have no persistent data aside from the base configuration needed to deploy.