Help with zip in dockerfile

Hi All,

I have been trying to solve this for some time. I have a docker file that works by installing a zip from a github URL
I want to instead use a local zip file to install it.

The zip file (gunthy-linux) is in the same directory as the dockerfile itself.

Here’s the dockerfile that works fine for me: docker-gunbot/Dockerfile at main · magicdude4eva/docker-gunbot · GitHub

Specifically I’m changing this:

Install Gunbot

RUN curl -Lo /tmp/ ${INSTALL_URL}
RUN unzip -q \

to this:

Install Gunbot

ADD /tmp/
RUN unzip -q \

However, I am getting mv: cannot stat ‘gunthy_*’: No such file or directory

I’m sure i’m missing something obvious.

I want to install this sep zip as the company release bug fixes in telegram prior to releasing on github.

I’d really appreciate any advice, thank you

The file is and not Rename the file to or change the reference in the Dockerfile


Sorry I realized gunthy_* should be in the zip file. I guess it is not in the file or not in the root of the zip.