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High Disk/Network I/O = Max CPU


(driz) #1

Hello all, hoping for some guidance. I’m new to docker (but loving it). I have a VM running on ESXi 6.7 that hosts some docker instances and they work perfectly 95% of the time.

The OS on the guest VM (hosting the docker containers) is Debian 9.4 x64. I’m using Docker version 18.03.1-ce, build 9ee9f40.

The issue that I am running into is anytime I max my disk I/O (which also coincides with extremely high Net I/O) the CPU spikes to 100% in the container maxing I/O. I can’t tell if it’s the disk, network, or both (although, I think it’s disk for something I noticed but did not record data on) resulting in this. Prior to containerizing transmission, this did not occur.

Here is a look under normal conditions
picload dot org/image/dodrillr/3.png

Here is what it looks like when I download something in transmission

at this time, I was downloading slightly slower than my typical download speed. Prior to containerizing, the cpu usage was minimal, but disk I/O would max out (as expected, since it is my bottleneck)
img1 dot picload dot org/image/dodrilow/2.png

Above I mentioned a thought that it’s disk I/O related, the reason is, when I have the radarr container do a full scan for my movies, it will max my Disk I/O and also max my CPU. I did some searches for a correlation between high disk i/o and high cpu in a docker container, but most of what I found was relatively old.

Hopefully this is enough information to garner some assistance, but if not, I’m down to provide/test anything you experts thing will help! Thanks in advance for your time.

Disclaimer, I am merely downloading the latest Linux ISO torrents in transmission; radarr, sonarr, plex, and calibre are merely tools I use to track and organize my personal rips of DVDs and BluRays I own.

Forgive me for the pictures, I can only put one in, so i selected the most pertinent.