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Hot Reload on Docker Desktop Windows

Hello everyone,

I just got a new job at a company that everyone uses Linux. They already have a VueJS application and I´ve just cloned the repository.
The machine that I work, has Window 10. I installed suscesfully Docker Desktop.

In their Linux machines they use this command and works. Including hot reload on save.

“docker-compose run --rm -p 4000:8080 node npm run serve”

I ran it on my machine and works too! The only problem is HOT RELOAD does not work.
I have to stop docker-compose everytime I made a change in code.

I´ve been searching all over internet but I can´t find a solution, because I cannot change ANY configuration file.

Can someone help me with this issue?

Thank you very much!!

edit.: Sorry, I was so tired yesterday that I just wrote the post without reading the rules (and sorry for the bad English, it´s not my native language)

So here it goes,
The Linux distro they use is the Ubuntu, I can´t get the version now because no one is working bc it´s weekend. But I can garantee that hot reload works on their systems.

I found that the system that I use, is a Windows 10 upgraded to version 2004 (I can´t remember the build version, but was enough to make it work, based on information from Docker itself).
Everything works but not the hot reload feature.

When I said before that I can´t change any of the configuration files of the project, it´s bc my boss is afraid that it might corrupt something and stop working on their Linux systems.

The front-end and back-end are two different projects, so, there´s nothing to do with the back-end repository/project. In fact, I´m a full-stack developer but I was hired ONLY for VueJS front-end.

Thanks again guys

If you mount a Windows folder into the container and develop in this folder it will not work. Windows has a different file system and the information needed to recognize file changes is missing.

Got it… thanks…
is there any workaround for this?

Yeap, and it’s not a workaround. Just found out that with Desktop 3.2.1 in combination with WSL 2 and Win 10 20161 (from developer channel) it works.
I didn’t look into this for some time, so I can’t tell exactly when it started working.

Hey thanks tekki, I´ll try this at my home computer.
Due to the deadlines of the company, I had to install Ubuntu and give up Windows for now.

As soon as I get some time this week, I´ll install it at home and I post here the results.
Thanks again!

I’ve tested the following with one of my own images, this time in PowerShell:

PS> docker container run --rm -v "$(pwd):/usr/src/app" tekki/mojolicious mojo generate app MyApp
PS> cd .\my_app
PS> code .
PS> docker container run --rm -v "$(pwd):/usr/src/app" -p 3000:3000 tekki/mojolicious morbo -v script/my_app
Web application available at

Edit the message in lib/MyApp/Controller/ with VS Code, save the file:

File "lib/MyApp/Controller/" changed, restarting.

Wow nice, thanks!
I didn´t have the time to test it yet, things are pretty serious at my day job.

But thanks again, I´ll keep this post saved!