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How can different containers in docker-machines on different physical hosts talk?

(Djian) #1

Hi There,

I checked most of the examples about Docker Swarm are building in the same physical machine running VirtualBox. So containers in different Docker-Machines can talk to each other no problem. My questions is if the containers are sitting in different Docker-Machines on different physical machines, it means that the Docker-Machines cannot talk to each other simply via the same VirtualBox bridge. So how we can make this work?

I think the whole purpose of Swarm is to let containers from different physical host can talk to each other.



(Funkytaco) #2

Docker acquired to add “overlay networks”, which (I think) are available since Docker 1.9.

This guy shows an example of this, but maybe you should poke around the docs

(Dvohra) #3

Use Flannel with etcd with Docker machine. Flannel sets up networking between Docker containers.