How can I connect from an inner container to another through DockerNAT interface?

Expected behavior

From inside a container, I can connect to a port opened on DockerNAT IP.

Actual behavior

I can ping the DockerNAT from inside a container, but I cannot connect to a port.
I can ping AND connect to a port from my host.

Information and steps

  • Docker 1.12.1-beta24 for Windows 10/64bit

  • DockerNAT IP is

  • two containers run by docker-compose:

    1. “mysql” service with obtained ip, docker-compose.yml contains:
      - “3306:3306”
    2. “xyz” service with obtained ip

My Windows host ip is I can connect to from my Windows host (tested by telnet command). I cannot do the same from within the xyz service container. However I can ping easily from the container.

How can I set it up to be able to connect to the mysql port through the Any ideas why this doesn’t work?

Windows firewall is disabled.