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How can I run docker-compose on windws

I am trying to understand how can I work with docker-compose on windows, without using docker desktop. Due to the latest announcement regarding the updated licensing of docker desktop I am trying to figure out is it possible to install docker-compose on a windows 10 OS, without installing Docker-Desktop.
as far as I understand, docker-compose is open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Fetch the windows-x86_64 binary for the version you want from an use it?

That is just Docker Compose without Docker. If Docker Compose the only thing @mayafit needs to connect to a remote Docker engine then it’s enough.

If Docker is required than:

In case of Windows Containers the problem was in the past that the stable Docker binary for Windows was available only in Docker Desktop so I had to install the Desktop, stop it and create a custom service using the binaries. You could install a development version without Desktop but not stable. It is possible that there was a way but I could not find that. Now the docker documentation describes how you can install Docker from binary:

For Linux containers I always use Windows SubSystem for Linux version 2.

Though, wasn’t that exactly what was asked for in the OP?

Good that you jumped on the assumption train and added further details :slight_smile:

Yes, I am the “master of assumptiions”. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I am not, but usually does not hurt :slight_smile:

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