How can I run linux containers on Windows Server 2016?


I have trying to pull image with below command in Docker in windows server 2016.
Command : docker pull scireum/s3-ninja:latest

but it gives the below error,
no matching manifest for windows/amd64 in the manifest list entries

I’m tying this in Windows server 2016 so directly executing command in Windows powershell , there is no Docker for Desktop in Windows server 2016. And due to this the solution to switch to linux mode or windows mode not able to try as there is no GUI for Docker in windows Servcer 2016.

Please assist.

Docker on Windows server is only able to run Windows containers.

There used to be "Linux Containers on Windows Linux (LCOW) support, but it was experimental, and was deprecated years ago.

The clean solution would be to create a Hyper-V Linux vm, install docker-ce inside it and use it to run Linux container. Windows Server 2022 allows WSL2 as an alternative to a Hyper-V vm.

Thank you , I will check for this solution.

I changed to topic to reflect the intent of this topic, as it is more likely to be found by others in the same siatuation.

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