How can register for DCA exam?

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Do we still have Docker Certified Associate - DCA offered by Docker? I am trying to learn docker and get certified.
I see so may course out there for DCA. But I don’t know how to register for DCA?
Any insights?


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A Google search for “register docker certified associate” brought up this link as first result:

Underneath the exam details there is a link to register for and schedule an exam.

Great! Looks good.
Thank you.

Hello, may I clarify is that an advertisement or it’s a legal company which actually provides it now instead of Docker itself?

Mirantis acquired Docker Enterprise at the end of 2019. The Docker Enterprise Engine became Mirantis Container Runtime and the Docker Enterprise Edition (Enterprise Engine + UCP + DTR) became Mirantis Kubernetes Engine.

Though, a short google search should have helped to understand the relation between Mirantis and Docker, don’t you agree?

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You can book and schedule your exam here:, Good luck!


The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification is no longer offered by Docker. However, you can still learn Docker by exploring the official documentation, taking online courses, practicing, and joining Docker-related communities. Consider alternative certifications from AWS, Kubernetes, or Red Hat for containerization and cloud technologies.

I hope this will help you.

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