How do I decrypt docker's own database?

In docker’s file system, there are four DB files that are encrypted. How can I open them?
They are fscache.db,local-kv.db,meta.db and metadata.db.

I have a tutorial where I write about those files too. I also have a script to build the database reader written in Go

If you are interested in the source code of the db reader, this is it:

You can also find the sources from which I learned how I could read these files.

Originally the format was “bolt”, which was a very simple key-value pair database. ETCD forked it and named it “bbolt”.

Just to make it easier to find, I share the clickable links too, how I learned about bbolt:

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Thank you so much!!! I will have a try,thanks again.

I did read something in local-kv.db,but I read nothing in other three databases.What did I do wrong?Or, is just nothing there? But they’re 32kb,I think they should have something.