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How do I manage Windows container outside of WinRM?

I’m a little confused how am I supposed to manage aspect of Windows which are not exposed in WinRM powershell. Example being “Component Services”?

You can attach running container in an interactive mode using docker attach.

You can either try access via Powershell as Powershell hasan ability to access Windows Containers directly using Invoke-Command or Enter-PSSession.

Enter-PSSession -ContainerId (Get-Container [your_container_name]).ID

INFO: Get-Container belongs to the following cmdlets:

Do you have an example “Components Services” setting that you want to change when building using a Dockerfile? It looks like this can be instrumented with Powershell:

I’ll will try to use powershell but question is how in general I administer stuff withing Windows if Powershell interface to something is not exposed? I assumed i can use normal Windows admin tools to connect to container and make changes and then just save container image.

You can use Powershell when writing Dockerfiles, most of the Docker Windows container samples do that.

And as you pointed out yesterday, there are also Powershell commandlets available if you prefer interacting with the Docker Engine using Powershell rather than the Docker CLI.

I understand I can write powershell to configure images. My question is how to manage Windows with administrative tools instead where configuration is not possible or very cumbersome over powershell. My understanding I’m supposed to be able to login to container with Server Manager and do configuration changes and then just detach and save image.