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How do I move / update where all docker images and data goes to

Good Day,

I have a fresh install of Docker running and need to just move the location where all the docker data and images will reside.

I just need to update in docker where all its data and so form will live. I have nothing in docker yet, just installed it and need to move the “I guess” data directory where all data and so forth live to another path / directory

I did search online, but see many answers where other people will say that method is no longer valid. So came here to get the correct way to handle this. Im running the latest version of docker as of today.


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This should do the trick:

Thanks a million. That appears to have worked.

One of the ways to do it is to drive this through your CI/CD systems. Once your parent image is built, have something that scans your git repos for images using that parent. If found, you’d then send a pull request to bump to new versions of the image. The pull request, if all tests pass, would be merged and you’d have a new child image based on updated parent. An example of a tool that takes this approach can be found here: .

If you don’t control your parent image, as would be the case if you are depending on the official ubuntu image, you can write some tooling that detects changes in the parent image tag or checksum(not the same thing, tags are mutable) and invoke children image builds accordingly.