How do I push my image to digitalocean droplet?

Hi folks, I started working with docker recently because I want to push my images directly to ditigitalocean iso of building the environment manually on their droplets.
Now I’m struggling to find the option that lets me push my own image to digitalocean.
Here’s what the command looks like:

docker-machine create --driver digitalocean --digitalocean-access-token ### my-sandbox-droplet

I’ve searched through the documentation and much more but can’t find an option to specify which of my own images to use; only options to specify one of their standard images.

If that’s not possible, then what is the point of using docker for deployment at all? It is my own app images I want to deploy, not DO’s standard images, I can easily deploy those through their admin panel.

I am aware that Docker Cloud is replacing Machine, I tried using the Docker Cloud but had similar issues. I think there’s some basic conceptual understanding that I’m lacking here.