How Do I Resolve "docker:start: command not found" Error In Linux Ubuntu 20.4

  1. So I installed Linux (Ubuntu) OS
  2. I followed docker documentation and installed docker for Ubuntu 20.4
  3. I ran the command below in the Terminal
sudo docker run hello-world
  1. The command ran successfully and output the correct result showing that Docker installed correctly.
  2. My goal is to install Shopware, so I went to Shopware docs for Linux and on the Terminal, I ran the following command
> ./psh.phar docker:start

The response was

docker:start: command not found

How do I resolve this error

You should probably ask here on the issues page: GitHub - shopwareLabs/psh: PSH - PHP shell helper

This is a PHP application not developed by Docker and I have never used it so I don’t know how it finds Docker and what is the right syntax to use it.

Thanks, I’ll do that