How do I set up a dockerized redis cluster that my host machine can communicate with?

I’m using docker 17.12.0-ce-mac47 and I’m trying to dockerize a redis cluster using docker-compose. The redis documentation says:

In order to make Docker compatible with Redis Cluster you need to use the host networking mode of Docker. Please check the --net=host option in the Docker documentation (see the networking guide, not allowed to post more than 2 links) for more information.

But I found this docker thread that says host mode doesn’t expose ports to the host machine on a mac: Should docker run --net=host work?

So, is there a way to setup a redis cluster on my mac where my host machine can communicate with it? Is there any workaround?

I posted this question on the redis community, and they redirected me here for help. They said,

The problem is coming from behavior that is peculiar to recent versions of Docker on Mac. Unless someone in the Redis community has already solved this (and can contribute to this thread), I think your best chances of learning the right configuration are going to come from engaging Docker support.