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How Docker pull works for base image?

(bk) #1

Hello ,

In the Dockerfile I am mentioning the base image name in FROM. Either its a repo like Artifactory from Jrog or the Docker hub. My clarification is does when we build the docker image , is the base image mentioned in FROM is pulled everytime or it takes from the local registry which was pulled during the first build . If it referes to local registry how does it handle when there is a new change addded to the base image stored in dockerhub or Artifactory.

Please help me to understand .

(Sam) #2

pull places the image locally…

effectively there is a crc check to see if the image is still the same…

same technology style used for updates from artifactory or nexus to the local system cache

(David Maze) #3

Say your Dockerfile starts with FROM If your local system already has an image with that tag, it uses it, and the registry is never contacted. If it doesn’t, then it will pull that image from the registry and use it for the present build, and it will be available for future builds.

The “better” solution, which takes a fair bit of manual management, is to encode a specific build tag in your Dockerfile, FROM This can get hard to manage if your base images update frequently and/or you have many downstream images, though; you might be able to use a script wrapper to help you along. (Is there a prebuilt solution for this?)

The easier solution is to explicitly docker pull the base image before you build. It’s less reproducible, but will generally work, especially if your base images are things like “current Ubuntu plus software updates plus two commonly used packages” where building older software on a newer base isn’t a problem.