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How get docker event info inside the container ( i.e if container restart some env variable tell us about it )

we need the info in about the docker event i.e is restart /deployed

$ docker run -v pwd:pwd -w pwd -i -t ubuntu pwd
The -v flag mounts the current working directory into the container. The -w lets the command being executed inside the current working directory, by changing into the directory to the value returned by pwd. So this combination executes the command using the container, but inside the current working directory.

$ docker run -v /doesnt/exist:/foo -w /foo -i -t ubuntu bash
When the host directory of a bind-mounted volume doesn’t exist, Docker will automatically create this directory on the host for you. In the example above, Docker will create the /doesnt/exist folder before starting your container.

$ docker run --read-only -v /icanwrite busybox touch /icanwrite/here
Volumes can be used in combination with --read-only to control where a container writes files. The --read-only flag mounts the container’s root filesystem as read only prohibiting writes to locations other than the specified volumes for the container.

$ docker run -t -i -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v /path/to/static-docker-binary:/usr/bin/docker busybox sh
By bind-mounting the docker unix socket and statically linked docker binary (refer to get the linux binary), you give the container the full access to create and manipulate the host’s Docker daemon.

On Windows, the paths must be specified using Windows-style semantics.

PS C:> docker run -v c:\foo:c:\dest microsoft/nanoserver cmd /s /c type c:\dest\somefile.txt
Contents of file

PS C:> docker run -v c:\foo:d: microsoft/nanoserver cmd /s /c type d:\somefile.txt
Contents of file
The following examples will fail when using Windows-based containers, as the destination of a volume or bind mount inside the container must be one of: a non-existing or empty directory; or a drive other than C:. Further, the source of a bind mount must be a local directory, not a file.

net use z: \remotemachine\share
docker run -v z:\foo:c:\dest …
docker run -v \uncpath\to\directory:c:\dest …
docker run -v c:\foo\somefile.txt:c:\dest …
docker run -v c:\foo:c: …
docker run -v c:\foo:c:\existing-directory-with-contents …
For in-depth information about volumes, refer to manage data in containers

We want to execute the based on the - container event (restart) condition