How to access a remote share in a container

I’ve successfully built a container to run PLEX in Docker. However, I need some guidance on how to map my media files, which are located in one of my existing Synology NAS file folder, to the container’s /docker/plex/data folder using the Docker GUI interface. If I manually copy files into the container’s “/docker/plex/data” folder then Plex will scan and populate the library. However, I don’t want to copy all my media files and folder structure to the container. I just want to map to the NAS location. How would I do this using the GUI’s Volume Settings interface? Thanks in advance.

In general, you can mount shares directly into the container (sshfs, NFS, CIFS/Samba, doc), or you (manually) mount them to the host and then use a bind mount for the shared folder into the container (doc).

Not sure how to do that with Desktop, though.