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How to access a web application running as a container in ubuntu from my windows system

I am running a web application(copied from github examples) that is running as a container in a remote ubuntu VM. The application is a Node JS application that is using mysql database. I brought the application up using docker-compose in ubuntu.

The application came up as http://172…:3000 using a network port. The ip address is displayed in the docker-compose terminal. In the ubuntu system, when i do curl http://172…:3000, it gives a proper success response. The ip address is a container network address. It is not the VM’s ip address. There is no firewall.

How to access the web application from my windows 7 machine. When I tried accessing using VM Ip address:3000, it is not hitting ubuntu system. I am not getting any message in the docker-compose terminal. In the docker-compose, I see network-mode, network. Can I use those properties in docker-compose.yml. Can anyone help here ?