How to access docker daemon from Mac?

If I compiled hyperkit and use linux images from Docker for Mac I can launch it with a command

./com.docker.hyperkit -m 8G -c 4 -u 
-s 31,lpc \
-s 0:0,hostbridge \
-s 2:0,virtio-vpnkit,path=/tmp/ethernet \
-s 3:0,virtio-net \
-s 4,virtio-9p,path=./s40,tag=db \
-s 5,virtio-9p,path=./s51,tag=port \
-s 6,virtio-rnd \
-s 7,virtio-sock,guest_cid=3,path=/Users/os/myapp/,guest_forwards=2375 \
-l com1,autopty=tty -A \
-f kexec,vmlinuz64,initrd.img,earlyprintk=serial console=ttyS0

but I cannot access docker daemon in any way. How to reproduce docker.sock connection? Or I should do route add or something like that?