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How to access the Host machine's localhost from docker container


(Dhairyshil) #1

I hosted Git daemon on local host i.e. '/usr/bin/git daemon --listen= --base-path=/opt' as a systemd service and I am trying to access it from docker container. I didn’t mentioned the port because I don’t want to expose the port to outside network.


RUN git clone git:// repo_dir

But its not working, its looks like inside container its trying to connect localhost of container.

So How to connect connect localhost of Host machine from Docker container?

(Think) #2

easiest way it to do a --net=host. But this cannot be done during docker build.
But why don’t you COPY/ADD the necessary repository?
If this is roughly okay for you, maybe a Multi-Stage build is what you are looking for.

(Dhairyshil) #3

In docker document I found ‘$ docker build --network=“host”’ so it will expose the ports of container to host machine and vice versa … so git daemon in running on hostmachine and using git protocol clone works fine in container