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How to automate "Switch to Windows Containers"

I am trying to automate the loading of Docker Desktop Installer.exe. After I have installed the desktop, I want to start run containers, but the containers have Windows applications. Currently I have to manually pull down “Switch to Window Containers” from the Docker icon. This will not scale to the many computers I will be working on.
Is there a registry entry that will positively identify Windows Containers are active instead of Linux containers?
Is there an install switch for the .exe (not the Enterprise msi) that will do this? Seems like there should be.
Thanks for any guidance.

From the Docker Desktop menu, you can toggle which daemon (Linux or Windows) the Docker CLI talks to. Select Switch to Windows containers to use Windows containers, or select Switch to Linux containers to use Linux containers (the default).

How do I switch from Linux to Windows in an automated fashion? I did not see an installation switch associated with .exe command, nor have I been able to find a registry key that is associated with selecting the Windows container versus the Linux container. How do you toggle a daemon programatically? - Please remember, I am working in a Windows environment. Thanks to all who respond.