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How to build docker code

(Anukrati) #1


I want to compile docker daemon ‘dockerd’ and client ;docker’ from docker’s source code.
I could not find any step by step procedure to do so.

Please refer me the steps for compiling docker daemon and client.

Thanks ANukrati

(David Maze) #2

What are you actually trying to do? has the source tree; I believe it’s an ordinary Go project. But if you’re just trying to get Docker installed, following the instructions on will be easier and more reproducible.

(Anukrati) #3

I picked code from there and build the code. So I am getting docker daemon ‘dockerd’. But the build process is not creating docker client.

I have to modify the existing docker code for both client and daemon for my project.

(Anukrati) #4

Referring to link,
it says to build client use “./hack/ binary-client”.
But this command giving error as no binary-client file present.