How to change the ports that docker desktop extensions use

I am using docker desktop for Mac, I recently faced an issue, where when I started docker desktop my local development front-end web server stopped working as my webpack configuration had a port defined for the local assets 3333, and when checked the processes docker was also using 3333 port

After investigating and reading this post, I found that an extension was using the same port, I went to their website to check if there was some solution but the website was down so I installed it as I didn’t need that.

My question is, Is there a way to change the port an extension’s containers use?

I don’t think so. Maybe if you can find the folder where it stores its settings, assuming it has the port number in a config file. But I haven’t heard about a supported feature to change ports. I have to say that I don’t use many extensions, so it is not impossible that I just don’t know about it. I guess the extension developer could provide a setting through it’s own GUI, store the port and restart.

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Thanks @rimelek for the suggestion, this really helped me, after some head-banging and some hits and tries I was able to achieve this using two different approaches, the one you mentioned about modifying the config is the recommended one I had to modify the docker-compose file of the extension.