How to choose multiple image in dockerfile

if i need to use java with adobe reader with aws sqs, how many base images i need to take ?

I am afraid you will need to explain a little bit more.

Especialy what you mean by dockerfile: a docker-compose.yml create and manage containers based on existing images OR are you looking to create your own image? A Dockerfile is the blueprint that describes how the image is build.

I agree with @meyay that more detail is required. For example, what platform you are intending to run your container(s), what is the orchestration environment (Swarm, k8s, …), tell us a bit more about the intent of the application (or tooling) you want to build (e.g. is this a Java app where you want to be able to call Adobe and/or AWS CLI functions, or something different - this can make a significant difference in the way that you would package your app). And as @meyay said, are you building a custom image(s) that you intend to deploy or just looking to stitch together existing images that you have found ?

On the one hand it could lead us to a multi-stage build of a single custom image, on another orchestration of a number of containers using their own discrete images.