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How to configure logrotation on docker cloud

I noticed that docker cloud comes with a dockercloud/logroate container

Looking at it seems that logrotation is configured statically in the following manner:

      /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*.log {
          rotate 0
          maxsize 10M
            rm -f /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*.log.*

What would be the best way to change these settings?

Hi @algotrader

Did anyone ever get back to you about this?

Hi @vanderkerkoff
Unfortunately not!

Im hoping someone from docker-cloud will pick this up now. I’m starting to think that using docker cloud or docker for AWS is not the way forward any more @algotrader. With the new docker-swarm mode coming out I’d be alot more confident of just setting up swarming myself.

That way I could setup my own logging container and my own networking and all the other stuff that dockerclodu does for you, but you can’t change.

I’m not bagging docker cloud at all, and alot of our devs will be gutted when the GUI goes away, but I’m not really seeing the love coming back from the forums or the slack channel about configuring it.

Maybe we’re not supposed to, and it was only meant to get you up and running quickly?

We have stared liking Docker cloud as it is very easy to setup a new system for a client that does not have any IT skills. Setting up a full blown application on Amazon AWS using Docker cloud without having to login to any server is something our clients love.