How to connect from Docker container to outside machine

Hello to all,
I setup a reverse proxy (jc21/nginx-proxy-manager:2.9.3) on docker for resolve other docker container on port 80 with dns name.
DNS part is manage by my router/firewall.
Now I need to contact an outside machine (ipcam) with the reverse proxy but I don’t find the way to do.

I don’t understand if is reverse proxy problem or docker problem to connect outside the docker.

Any help is appreciate
Best Regards

Can you explain why you want to use a reverse proxy for this? In which network is this IP camera?

I want arrive to my application on docker not by ip and port but by url. Then I add Reverse proxy on docker.
I have 4 docker containers on docker:

  4. Reverse proxy (
    Network: Bridge

My ipcam has ip in the same network of the docker server host.

Is this what you were asking?

I assume @avbentem thought you wanted to a use your reverese proxy in front of the IP camera. At least this was my first thought when I read your post:

The reverse proxy is only for accessing services in Docker containers. When you try to access your IP camera from a container, it will not go through the reverse proxy at all.

What is your operating system? Do you use Docker Desktop on Windows/Mac or is it just a Linux machine?