"How to create a network with Macvlan or Ipvlan in a Docker container and limit the network speed

i made netwokr

docker network create -d macvlan
-o parent=enp7s0 pub_net

and i made container

docker run -d
-p 1234:22
-p 1235:5900
–network pub_net
–name pell 9b03e7d1cef1 &

and i triec tc command to control network speed via useing

tc qdisc add dev "it’s space for docke cntaier network interface name"root tbf rate 1mbit burst 10kb latency 70ms

but ins’t work for me how can i control limit of the netwokr speed ? .ip will get from network gear

if ipvlan or someting else is work tell me know


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