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How to create docker image for local application taking file and value parameters

(Mangusbrother) #1

I have a java application (jar file) that I want to be able to run from a docker image.

I have created a Dockerfile to create an image using centos as base and install java as such:

FROM centos
RUN yum install -y java-1.7.0-openjdk

I ran docker build -t me/java7 after to obtain the image me/java7

however I am stuck at some dead ends.

  1. How do I copy the jar file from the host into the image/container
  2. I require 2 Parameters. 1 is a file, which needs to be copied into a directory into the container at runtime. The other is a number which needs to be passed to the jar file in the java -jar command automatically when the user runs docker run with the parameters

Extra Notes:

The jar file is a local file. Not hosted anywhere accessible via wget or anything. The closest I have at the moment is a windows share containing it. I could also access the source from a git repository but that would involve compiling everything and installing maven and git on the image so I’d rather avoid that.

This is what I would desire to arrive at:

docker pull my/image
// image with jar file is downloaded
docker run my/image 1234 /path/to/file
// file is copied
// jar file is executed

any help is much appreciated.

(Mangusbrother) #2

Solved on stack overflow

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