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How to deal with High Availabilty of overlay network using consul?

(King3000) #1

My os is ubuntu server 16.04.
Now, I know I can use the augment of dockerd " --cluster-store=consul:// --cluster-advertise= " to use the KEY/VALUE service of consul.
But, I find that using etcd we can use a list of addresses.
Why dockerd cannot use a list of consul like that?
In this environment, I only can connect only one consul, how to solve High Availabilty about this problem?
If my consul server crash, my overlay network may be crash…

How to solve this problem? And in the future , can we get this new feature of docker ?

(Mark) #2

Use a higher-level “cluster” by hostname instead of IP addresses.

(Mengz) #3

Maybe use a load balancing to access the consul

(King3000) #4

goo idea!
config a hostname, let the hostname corresponding mulit IP