How to deal with the "fork bomb"?

How to deal with the “fork bomb” in the Swarm? docker service create doesn’t have --kernel-memory option :confused:

I think your question is a bit vague to at least some of us.

What is the issue you’re seeing/trying to solve? What’s creating a “fork bomb” for you? How is docker service create causing an issue that would make you want some kind of kernel-memory option?

I’m talking about Bash fork bomb that probably can be mitigated with --kernel-memory

I have a bunch of docker service instances on a single host with bash access. I need a way to prevent them from killing the host machine

Some context: We had an April 1 joke with a potential to become something useful. It was running all well and good for a long long time but then someone figured out that it can be forkbombed. :slight_smile: