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How to document releases?

I’m releasing a complex application with docker-compose and I need to manually write release notes mentioning the changes the releases.



  • mongodb 2.0.0 (1.0.0) # using now 2.0.0 of mongodb, before 1.0.0
  • application 1.0.0 (new) # new introduced images
  • postgres 3.0.0 (deleted) # image not used anymore

To write the release notes manually is cumbersome and errorprone.
Couldn’t find anything so I wrote a small tool for automate this boring task.

compose_diff is a tool, that takes two docker-compose.yml files compares them and displays the differences.
It could display the difference in:

  • image versions used. also, which image is new, which not used anymore
  • display the number of instantiations of a the images

Do you guys have similar problems?
Would like to hear your opinion about it.