How to download new releases of container images automatically

Hi All,

We would like to automatically download the new releases of a particular container images available on docker hub. For instance, we have ubuntu:14.04 in server, what if ubuntu has released ubuntu:14.10 recently and the new version has to be downloaded to local machine automatically?

Could someone assist us to understand the possible ways to achieve our objective.

You could use Watchtower to monitor and update your containers. Watchtower

It can send notifications as well as download the updated image and automatically download and apply the updates.

You can exclude specific containers from being monitored by watchtower using labels too.

However if your versions are hard coded in your Compose files then it won’t detect any updates. So if this is the case it might not meet your requirement.

There is also Diun Diun. Which purely monitors and notifies.

Hope this helps.