How to edit enviornment variable to an existing image like Kitematics

Hello, I’ve used Kitematics very much in the past and I found it really great in terms of interface and usability. Now I came to know I’m forced to use Docker dekstop with no reason, but I really found docker desktop is a downgraded version of Kitematics. The interface on docker desktop is very much confusing rather than on Kitematics somehow I manage to use docker desktop but now I came to know that I could define the env variable only when I create an image firsttime later on I can’t change the env variable. Now I need to recreate the container everytime wheneven I need to define or change a new env variable.
Please enable the support on Kitematics it was way way better than this docker desktop.

First of all I feel you mix the concept of “image” and “container”. An image is not writable, you can add new layers to the image by inheriting it and creating a new image. Then you can start a container from it, but you can’t chanhe environment variables after starting the container. This is not a restriction of Docker Desktop. This is how Docker containers work and worked always as far as I know. I remember kitematics but very vaguely. Can you show some screenshots how you changed environment variables without recreating containers? My guess is that you could change the environment variable using the GUI, but the container was recreated automatically. If you use Docker Compose, you can have a very similar feature. You can just change the yaml file, run “docker compose up” again and it will recrate the container with the new variable. Of course the pocess inside the container has to be stopped and started again in order to recreate it.