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How to Enable 32 bit applications in Windows 2016 docker container hosting a .net web application?

Hi Team,

I am trying to host my web application as a container using docker image. The docker engine- enterprise has been installed in Windows 2016 server. The docket image used is microsoft/aspnet which is an official microsoft image for aspnet

This image contains:

Windows Server Core as the base OS
IIS 10 as Web Server
.NET Framework (multiple versions available)
.NET Extensibility for IIS

My application has some c++ components to be included for few features. So I need to Enable 32 bit applications in IIS 10 app pool setting. Whenever I set that to ‘True’ and launch my application , the app pool gets stopped automatically. When Enable 32 bit applications is set to ‘False’ I don’t see this behavior. Can anyone help me on how to enable 32 bit applications within container?

I have checked the credentials used in IIS are not expired. When the same set up is hosted directly on Windows 2016 with IIS, I am able to Enable 32 bit applications.