How to fill in the configuration information of the docker in the openwrt version of istorios?

Like this, see the question mark:

Global Settings

Remote Terminal

Connect to the remote terminal Docker root directory
Default bridge ???
Configure default bridged network registry mirror

It replaces the daemon registry mirror with a new set of registry mirrors
Max Download Thread
Set the number of threads to pull images, 0 represents default
Log Level

Set the logging level
Client Connection
Example: tcp:// ???
Specify where the Docker daemon listens for client connections (default: unix:///var/run/docker.sock)

I am trying to understand whether your post is supposed to be a “HowTo / tutorial” or a question. The title indicates it is a question but I don’t really understand what the mirrors and other information have to do with the missing parameters. I have OpenWRT but never tried running Docker on it and I have no idea what “istorios” is.

Can you rephrase your question with more context instead of just sharing some links and labels?


I moved the topic out from the “Event and Meetups” category because this is clearly not a meetup… In the meantime I was confused forgetting that I moved it, thinking that I edited id acidentally and reverted it… Now I moved out again and will not touch it… Please, try to choose the proper categories for questions.