How to generate an image for my Ubuntu?

Hello, I’m running Ubuntu 16.04.01 on an VMWare virtual machine.
I have installed a lot of packages into this Ubuntu which are required by my development.

Now, I want to create an image for this Ubuntu.
Do you know how to do it?


Can i ask whats the purpose of the image?
What does it need to run?
Im asking because there will be some differences with a VM and a container, so i want to make sure you get the right help :slight_smile:

But take a look at:

Hello Terpz,
Thanks for your feedback.
In the ubuntu running in my laptop, I have installed everything I need for my development.
Now, I want to move my development from my laptop to a server where my design will be built automatically.

My intention is to create an image of my current Ubuntu. Then, pull in this image on the server.
In this way, I don’t need to install everything I’ve done on my laptop.