How to get host Mode to run

I am trying to run a Pi Hole on docker. As I want to filter my clients, I need to get something like host mode to run. Is there any possibility to get my pi hole to show all my clients in my network seperatly and not under one docker ip?

I am using Win 10 LTSC with docker 4.28.0 ond WSL 2

Docker Desktop can neither use host network, nor macvlan or ipvlan networks. Well, technically it can, but they will not work, because Docker Desktop runs the docker backend in a utility vm.

If you need to stick to Docker Dekstop, you could try if enabling the wsl2 mirrored mode helps:

Note: I can’t assist on the mirrored mode integration in Docker Desktop, because I didn’t fully understand it yet myself.

Though, if you install and run docker-ce for instance inside an Ubuntu wsl2 distribution with enabled systemd support, it should do what you are looking for.