How to get system real ip address using docker

Hi ,

I am creating python project using docker .
I could not get real system ip address . i am getting only docker ip address.
Kindly help to resolve this issue to get real system ip address.

A container will not be able to see the hosts network interface(s) unless it’s running in --network host mode. When run with --network host the container will attach to the hosts network namespace and actualy use the very same interfaces your host has.

N.B.: be aware that this weakens the isolation of the container and opens a vector for possible attacks: If such a container is exposed to the internet and exploited + the exploited process inside the container is run as root, an attacker could install tools to sniff traffic from all host interfaces and could access all services reachable by

Update: I missed out that it’s for mac. The --network host might not work for mac at all or will use the network interface of the vm docker is run in. Docker Desktop always runs the docker engine in a vm, regardless wether it’s for mac, windows or linux…